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Maltsters- Children's Parties

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Room hire only

This includes private use of the function room for up to 4 hours.

You will get full use of our P.A system which pipes music throughout the room & can either use our iPod or feel free to bring your own (any mp3 player compatible)

Tables & chairs supplied but would not include crockery, entertainment, food or beverages.

The Package

£3.50 per child (min 15 children)

Freshly made sandwiches with a variety of fillings.
Cocktail sausages.
Cheese & pineapple.
Party biscuits.
Jelly & ice-cream.
Unlimited squash.

This package includes full use of P.A system, paper plates, plastic cups & basic room decorations.

Special Menus

For events, weddings and parties we can provide a special menu to your requirements or even a buffet to suit your budget or party theme.
Click here to make an enquiry.

We can even arrange spectacular cakes for special events.